​​​​​    Solar Tubular Transit  

Jon Bogle  12/2015  stt@solartubulartransit.com

The guideways use the airspace above existing expressway and interstate right-of-ways. Various governments agencies contribute the right-of ways to regulated corporations that build and operate the utility.

Presently there are trillions of investment dollars sitting idle while the possibility of getting federal or state investment in new infrastructure is slim. STT offers investors an opportunity to be rewarded for fulfilling a large universal need at a lower cost. 

As with our current utilities, numerous enterprises can participate but they must operate under a regulatory umbrella to assure compatibility and fairness to the customer.  Cellular phone network, trains, and electric distribution are all examples of utilities with diverse investment participation but where compatibility is guaranteed by government oversight. These utilities also participate with the government to obtain right-of-ways

Corporations will profit by reducing the enormous inefficiencies and duplications in the present automobile mode. They will participate in every phase of private vehicle travel from providing vehicles, guideway, fuel, and parking. The utility will compete successfully with automobiles, taxies, busses, light rail, commuter rail, high speed rail, and short haul air.

Solar Tubular Transit is a redesigned successor to 
Tubular Guideway Transit.  http://www.tubularguidewaytransit.com/html/TGTnew.html

The utility is investor owned but government regulated.