​​​​​    Solar Tubular Transit  

Jon Bogle  12/2015  stt@solartubulartransit.com


If everyone owned a personal shopping cart, which had to be stored and retrieved when they went to the supermarket, it would create a logistical nightmare. Private ownership of automobiles drives the destructive and extraordinarily high use of space for parking in urban centers. Reuse of the system’s vehicles not only lowers the number of cars needed, but also makes storage much more compact and retrieval much easier. A system car can, without a driver, store itself within inches of cars to its sides, front and back. In multi level storage, the ceilings need only be high enough to fit the car.  A multi deck facility would have 4 to 5 times the storage efficiency of current parking decks.

The desire to park near shopping and work has decimated older urban centers by destroying vital commercial and residential buildings for parking. Shopping is a pedestrian activity and a continuous facade of buildings along the street is required for a successful shopping experience.  Newer cities, like Phoenix, have been almost totally defined by the automobile and while they offer plenty of parking, they lack the communal quality of life I have come to expect living in a small eastern city. Even here, an aerial photo shows 40% of the historic downtown has been gutted by parking.

Solar Tubular Transit is a redesigned successor to 
Tubular Guideway Transit.  http://www.tubularguidewaytransit.com/html/TGTnew.html