​​​​​    Solar Tubular Transit  

Jon Bogle  12/2015  stt@solartubulartransit.com

The attributes of STT that allow it to transport passengers door to door make it an ideal light freight delivery system. Much of the contents of large trucks can be broken down into smaller units. Instead of trucking goods to warehouses to be sorted and shuttled to stores or consumers, STT takes items from their source to the end user. 

Passenger cars can be designed to do double duty by folding the seats out of the way, but cars designed specifically for freight would be more efficient. The only caveat is that the freight and passenger cars must be entirely compatible on the guideway. STT’s design must not be compromised to accommodate large freight vehicles.

Unlike the current road system where freight adds to the congestion, adding freight cars, especially in off peak hours, makes the guideway more efficient. STT has great capacity especially during off peak hours.  

Solar Tubular Transit is a redesigned successor to 
Tubular Guideway Transit.  http://www.tubularguidewaytransit.com/html/TGTnew.html