​​​​​    Solar Tubular Transit  

Jon Bogle  12/2015  stt@solartubulartransit.com

Who will benefit from Solar Tubular Transit?


        Faster, safer commute, greater convenience.
        Reduced Costs.
            Avoids automobile purchase and financing costs.
            Lower costs per mile.
            Eliminates parking costs and problems.
            No insurance costs.
            No repair or maintenance costs.
            Provide extra car for family use only when needed


        Convert greater efficiencies into profits.
            Higher utilization of vehicles
            Standardization of vehicles
                Reduced purchase costs
                Lower maintenance costs
                Longer vehicle lifespan 

        Obtain valuable right-of-ways along expressway for guideways
        Provide vehicle usage to customer off guideway.
        Supply solar panel produced electricity directly to customer.
        Provide parking 
        Provide package and freight delivery

    Metropolitan area:

        Functionality of surface light rail without the high implementation costs.
        Enhanced functionality of urban centers.
            No air pollution from system.
            Greatly reduced noise pollution. 
            Greatly reduced land use for traffic and parking.
            No traffic congestion.
            Replace mass transit with personal transit.
            Provide access to jobs.
            Greater economic integration with other cities.
            Increased attractiveness as shopping destination.
                Greater shopping density.                
                Pedestrian friendly.

        Greater economic efficiency.
            Reduced petroleum use.
                    Less dependency on foreign oil.
                   Greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.    
            Reduced cost of private transportation.
                   More disposable income in economy.
        Faster more economical mid-range travel.
            Greater business efficiency.
            Replaces need for expensive high speed rail implementation.

Solar Tubular Transit is a redesigned successor to 
Tubular Guideway Transit.  http://www.tubularguidewaytransit.com/html/TGTnew.html